I Want Break!!

Hi everyone, hope you all are awesome ❤️❤️

Well, I will not be active in WordPress for one month. I will really terribly miss you all guys and your posts. But unwillingly I have to take a break as my exams are near and I have to prepare for it well.

Well, I am not this much organised while studying 😂

Till then, bye! bye!!

Miss you all.

Have a wonderful day 🤗💕

107 thoughts on “I Want Break!!

  1. It’s very sad to hear that you are going away from WordPress for a while😟. But doing well for exams are really necessary for your bright future. Do well for exams and all the very best. 😊💞And in which class you are studying??

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  2. Will be missing you Jyoti! 😢 You’re such a lovely joy-giver! ❤️ Although I support you in your preparation for your exams …… we’ll celebrate when you return! Yay!!! 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

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  3. Hey! Jyoti my dear
    Whenever you will return back to WordPress you will get same love and support because you are a very good and inspiring writer.
    Do work and start prep for your exams and forget the rest.
    Lots of love and hugs for you!
    I’m wishing you very very good luck with your study and exams.
    May Allah fulfill all your dreams and you become a successful person.

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  4. I want a break too – like every single day even though I’m not working and I’m not in school right now. 😂 When school starts in January, I won’t be online for at least 6 months, so I understand where you are coming from. School first. Blogging second.

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    1. Hi Hilary!! From a long time I wanted to talk with you. I even left a comment in your post, but no reply. Hey, I am not complaining and I know you are busy.
      But see today what I found, your comment 🤩🤩
      So, in which class are you?? And are you okay now!!
      And thank you so much dear 💕
      Have a great day 🤗💕

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      1. OMG I’m so sorry I forgot to reply to your comment 😭. I’m still catching up on replying to everyone and am very behind. Every few days I try to reply to a couple of comments on my posts and I’m so sorry I didn’t get to replying to your comment – that’s super rude of me. I’ve been traveling a lot lately because my husband travels for his work and I’m currently out of town as I write this.

        Most days I don’t get around to blogging but I will leave comments on people’s blogs posts using the app (to let them know I’m still here…). I really should finish answering the comments on my posts! 😔

        Lately I’ve been trying to stick to a schedule which is quite challenging, started doing Yoga and Pilates everyday, and am attempting to study an intimidating textbook before starting nursing school in January 2020. Right now I’m not in school and have to repeat a semester in January. Technically I would be a third year undergraduate nursing student. There are 3 semesters left (which includes the one I have to repeat). I’m doing okay and have been seeing a therapist to work out these complicated emotions/depression I’m still dealing with. Things can only look up from here! Thank you for thinking about me – it means SO MUCH ♥️

        Have a wonderful day as well, Jyoti! Sending positivity your way 😊💕

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      1. Hi Jyoti!! Guess I missed your half hour, but it’s so good to hear from you again!😁 Muffin meows hi to you as well!😸😻😻😽 I hope your exams go well and that you are enjoying today!!😃😺🌞

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