Hello everyone…….I hope you all are doing good.

Nowadays I am reading – “The Book Theif” by Markus Zusak. So I decided to write about the book lovers…..

It is said by George R. R. Martin-

A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies. The man who never reads lives only one…..

A poem dedicated to all the book lovers including me….

Fog on her glasses,

From the still steaming tea

A book in her hand,

As she casually reads.

A catch in her breath

As the climax grows near

She’s deaf to the world :

The book’s all she can hear

She’s completely lost now

Or perhaps she is found

In this strange paper world

That’s far from the ground.

Bookshops are time machines, spaceship, story- teller, secret keepers, dream catchers, fact- finders and safe place.


A book: Oh only hundred pages left. I’ll finish this today.

A textbook: Another eight pages left, what is this cruelty


Who all can relate with these??

What are your favorite books and characters??


45 thoughts on “BOOK LOVER

  1. Oh yesss!!. I can totally relate to those quotes!!
    Even that moment when you don’t want to stop reading because you think those characters will do something without you..😅😂
    Love the poem❤❤

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      1. Harry Potter series is all time favorite. I cannot imagine that it’s J.K.Rowling’s imagination!😅 I mean everything fits so perfectly! I just love the series❤❤
        Reading self help books currently😅

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  2. Lovely poem explaining exactly the way a reader feels… I do. I can relate to this poem and quotes.. Living different lives every week or months. My current book Timeline by Michel crichton… Got book just today gonna be travelling time 🥰

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      1. 🤗
        I just read your poem A Warm Summer Night… loved it ♥️….I commented on that bt I don’t know why it is not showing it…. moreover I tried 2 times by all in vain….
        Your writing style is amazing ♥️

        Liked by 2 people

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